“SHRI HARI CAST INDUSTRIES” is leading specialist in world wide supply of a complete range of Precision Investment Castings (By Lost Wax Process) in Ahmedabad (India).

Precision investment casting by “SHCI” offers a combination of features which can translate to cost-saving benefits for you. The piece price for investment castings is not always the lowest, but the savings in reduced machining costs, material costs, surface finish costs and tooling start-up costs make the lost wax process very competitive when you consider overall cost.
Investment casting process is universally accepted as one of the most efficient and economical technology for bulk supply of precision and intricate metal components and articles.
“SHCI” supply Precision Investment Castings (By Lost Wax Process) in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys including nickel and cobalt based super alloys, aluminum and it’s alloys, low alloys steels, carbon steels, high alloys steels, grade of hastalloys, all grade of satellites and any other alloys as per the costumers requirements.
Fitting ,Compressors Parts,Crimping Tool Industries,Cooling tower & chilling plants,Defense Armament & fire arms,Diesel & Gas Turbine
Equipments,Dairy Equipments,Dies, Jigs-Fixtures & Clamps,Electrical engineering Industries , Earth Moving machinery,Fire Fighting Equipment,Food Processing

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